Minecraft Mermaid Tail Selector & Skin Generator

For the Mermaid Tail Mod by pau101

Are you a Mermaid like Marmo? Do you use the Mermaid Tail Mod? If you want to update your Minecraft skin to select a specific Mermaid Tail and color, you can use this tool to help you generate a new skin with the pixels set to the correct values for your choice of tail. Just select your skin and tail, then save the new skin and upload it to your account on minecraft.net.

Step 1: Select your skin!

Type in your Minecraft username:

Or, select a file on your computer:

Step 2: Select the tail color!
Step 3: Select your tail!
Here's what your tail will look like:

Step 4: Click the Save button to download your new skin! You'll need to upload it to your account on minecraft.net.

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