Blueberry Sensational House chronicles the adventures of Marmo the Mermaid and MilliVawilli the Waffle Face in the Minecraft universe. Together they embark on adventures to solve puzzles, help those in need, and fight evil wherever it may arise. Right now they are on a quest to save Princess Penelope and her Kingdom by the Sea, so follow along and join in the fun!

A Blueberry Beginning

Embark on the Minecraft experience from the beginning. MilliVawilli is completely new to Minecraft, and must rely on the knowledge of Marmo the Mermaid to survive!

A Blueberry Adventure

Now that the Blueberries are settled in their Sensational House, they discover that the nearby Kingdom by the Sea needs their help! They must battle killer bunnies, find mystical artifacts, and help rescue Princess Penelope.

Blueberry Memory Montage

These videos feature a collection of funny moments from the Minecraft adventure. Enjoy!